PLC intelligent control cabinet

Product Category:PLC智能配电箱/柜
Intro:Specializing in high-end display project design, the main components include: PLC intelligent control unit, communication expansion board, a variety of monitoring sensors, power distribution cabinets, computer, data, fiber optic modem or serial communication interface. Multiple PLC control can be constructed with the use of cluster network, enabling automatic operation and control multiple distribution cabinet to meet specific industry needs more than one distribution cabinet control configuration requirements. Rongfu Zhi can control cabinet main features include: PLC remote multifunction power control, automatic switching hands, sharing power, delay start, delay off, power recovery, short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, lightning, etc. protection, to achieve multi-point fire smoke alarm, temperature alarm, humidity alarm, abnormal fault monitoring, status display, multifunction remote control software and other functions.
Greenfield Technology PLC remote intelligent power distribution cabinet for large LED display, rental screen, landscape lighting, outdoor advertising and other application areas for distribution protection 
Product standards: IEC 60439-2, GB 7251.1, GB 7251.3, GB 7251.8, IEC 60439-1; 
Product Certification: CCC ,, CQC, CE 
Voltage Standard: rated working voltage 380V. 
Rated power: RF-LM10-300-P (10KW-300KW) 
Protection: IP44 Frequency: 50Hz 
Mounting: wall mounted, floor installation 
Installation conditions: the mounting surface and the vertical gradient of not more than ± 5 °
Shock and vibration: product installation and use in the absence of significant shake, shock and vibration 
Ambient temperature: ambient air temperature; lower limit of -30 ℃, the upper limit of + 60 ℃