The screen box

Product Category:移动式租赁配电箱/柜
Intro:Professional project design for small need frequent mobile screen, the main features include: PLC remote multi-function electric control, automatic hand switch, time-sharing on electric power, delay start, delay shutdown, recovery, short circuit, over current, over voltage, overload, lightning protection, can realize more smoke alarm, temperature alarm, fire alarm, fault monitoring, abnormal status display, multi-function remote control software, and other functions.
Bring the PE material, greatly increase the strength
Bring components could be selected according to the customer request DELIXI/Schneider Electric
Bring about joint adopts wei pu/Neutrik ensures reliable connection of the whole system
Bring the whole waterproof grade IP65
Stack design bring unique foot, great convenience to put
Using low is suitable for hot and humid climate zone
Often use in the rainy season is more commonly stadium screen, outdoor screen box use

功率/电流 ( KW/A ) 10KW/32A 20KW/40A 30KW/63A -
电流/频率 ( V/Hz ) 三相220-380V/50-60Hz
箱体尺寸  (  mm  ) 330*340*370
断路器数量/电流 1P*3路/25A 1P*4路/32A 1P*6路/32A
控制模式(A、B、C、) A、简易合闸控制;B、微电脑时控控制;C、多功能卡远程控制;
电源/电量信号采集 电压、电流、频率、功率因数、电能计算
Directions for use
RongFu technology portable distribution box is suitable for small LED stage and rental screen, landscape lighting, outdoor advertising and other places of power supply protection applications
Product standards, IEC 60439-2, 7251.1 GB, GB GB, IEC 60439-1, 7251.8 and 7251.3,
Product certification: CCC, CQC, CE
Voltage standard: rated voltage 380 v.
Rated power: RF - LJ10-50 - * (10 kw, 50 kw)
Protection grade: IP44 frequency: 50 hz
Installation forms: standing, flat
Installation conditions: surface and vertical gradient is not more than + / - 5 °
Impact vibration: product installation and use in the absence of significant shake, impact and vibration
Using the environment temperature, ambient air temperature; The lower - 30 ℃, cap + 60 ℃