Portable power distribution box

Product Category:移动式租赁配电箱/柜
Intro:Professional for small projects that require frequent mobile display design, the main features include: PLC remote multifunction power control, automatic switching hands, sharing power, delay start, delay off, power recovery, short circuit, overcurrent, voltage, overload, lightning protection, etc., to achieve multi-point fire smoke alarm, temperature alarm, humidity alarm, abnormal fault monitoring, status display, multifunction remote control software and other functions.
1, the use of PVC fire-retardant materials, light weight, high strength, quality assurance; 
2, selection of components according to customer requirements West Germany, Schneider and other brand components; 
3, the joint use of NEUTRIK to ensure the reliability of the connection system; 
4, waterproof design, protection class up to IP65 
For small / tap systems
Greenfield Technology portable power distribution boxes for small LED stage frequency, leasing screen, landscape lighting, outdoor advertising and other application areas for distribution protection 
Product standards: IEC 60439-2, GB 7251.1, GB 7251.3, GB 7251.8, IEC 60439-1; 
Product Certification: CCC ,, CQC, CE 
Voltage Standard: rated working voltage 380V. 
Rated power: RF-LJ10-50 - * (10KW-50KW) 
Protection: IP44 Frequency: 50Hz 
Mounting: stand up, lie flat 
Installation conditions: the mounting surface and the vertical gradient of not more than ± 5 °
Shock and vibration: product installation and use in the absence of significant shake, shock and vibration 
Ambient temperature: ambient air temperature; lower limit of -30 ℃, the upper limit of + 60 ℃