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About the healthy development of China's LED industry peak


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According to LED semiconductor industry is an important part of the national strategic emerging industries, as an important part of the integration of information technology and industrialization development, China has become one of the fastest growing industries. In recent years, China's semiconductor lighting LED industry policy environment continues to improve, continue to grow industrial scale, independent innovation capability to rapidly improve, applications continue to develop, and achieved significant progress. In order to further promote China's semiconductor lighting LED industry healthy and orderly sustainable development under the joint guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Electronic Information Division and the Division of Consumer Goods Industry, co-sponsored by China's semiconductor lighting industry and LED applications Union and China Electronic Appliance Corporation the "2013 China Summit Forum led industry healthy development (Shenzhen)," scheduled for April 11, 2013 -12 days held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the unit actively organize relevant personnel to attend.