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LED new era of competition


Source:0classification:Company News2014-09-16 17:18

2014 opens, Shenzhen Greenfield Technology LED also created a new era of development, at this time, experienced a low-end price war early, LED gradually onto more high-end competition era. In the end what will happen in the future of the LED market? It is a matter of intense concern to everyone. 
Throughout the LED development, the product can be sketched out in the drive channel to channel to enhance the brand, brand extension product line to integrate product and brand capital such a path. From this we can see the path of development, LED products from a single competition, extended to channel competition, brand competition, integration of competition. 
The channel competition, brand competition, integration of competition purely on price war would have no chance of winning at all. Future LED will enter a new era of competition, be differentiated from the aspects of technology and service competition, who has a unique new product, who mastered the leading LED technology, who provided thoughtful service, who will be fierce compete in the victory. 
"Market differentiation", both matching the current popular segments, but also with a unique user experience of the audience, LED light and strengthen the company has only a deep understanding of the environment, a deep insight into human nature, personalized custom manufactured based on this light environmental solutions, in order to form an unmatched competitive advantage. Have no one I have, I have excellent competitive domineering, then the market will be shaken as this domineering, domineering pay for this. 
Technology is always winning magic business is business forever inexhaustible motive force of life. With the primary LED technology matures, Shenzhen Greenfield technology has mastered the basic LED production technology, this time, to enhance the technological breakthrough product innovation in technology-driven companies in the new technology will be exclusive style, function, use terms performance results. 
When the effectiveness of the product is no longer become a problem, the service has become the business of winning weights. However, behind the rapid development of LED, but hidden service with no "hangover" after-sales service to keep up with merchandise to sell, there is always a long or short warranty period, even better brand, but also there will be a variety of quality problems, then service is particularly important. Therefore, in the new era of LED competition, who can provide attentive service, will have a head start in the competition. 
Shenzhen Greenfield Technology also has differentiation, technology and services, has become the uncrowned king of the LED industry.