Product Category:低压成套配电
Intro:GGD ac low voltage power distribution ark is according to the requirement of the department of general electric power users and the design department in line with the principle of safe and economic reasonable and reliable design of new products with high breaking capacity of low voltage electric closet dynamic thermal stability electric scheme easy flexible combination series novel structure protection grade higher characteristics can be used as low-voltage complete switch equipment upgrading of products GGD ac low voltage distribution ark it low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment GB7251 low-voltage complete switch equipment and control equipment standards
GGD type low voltage power distribution cabinet is suitable for power plant substation communication corporations of ac 50 hz, rated voltage 380 v, rated current - 3150 - a power distribution system as a dynamic lighting and power distribution equipment distribution of electrical energy conversion and control

Ambient air temperature is not higher than + no less than 40-524 - h shall not be higher than the average temperature within + 353.2 indoor installation use shall not exceed 2000 m altitude
Ambient air relative humidity at the time of the highest temperature is + 40 more than 50 at low temperature are allowed a larger relative humidity Such as + 20 to 90% should be considered due to the change in temperature may accidentally condensation effect
Pollution level 3
Equipment installation with the inclination of the vertical plane is not more than five 3.6 device should be installed where no violent vibration and impact and place of the deficient electric components from corrosion