Product Category:低压成套配电
Intro:XL type power distribution box is closed dust-proof, shell with steel plate bending, knife fuse combination switch operating handle to install the upper right column in front of the box, could be used as a switching power supply, in front of the distribution box is equipped with a voltmeter, is indicative of busbar busbar voltage distribution box front door, the door opened, distribution box exposed internal equipment, convenient for maintenance. XL type power distribution box adopts new type electric components, with compact structure, convenient maintenance, line scheme can be flexible group insurance and other characteristics, distribution box in addition to containing air circuit breaker and fuse as short circuit protection function, but also has overvoltage, undervoltage, phase/alarm function, can carry indicating meter box front door operation button and indicator lights.
XL type low voltage power distribution box in line with the international electrotechnical commission it 1 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment", GB7251 gb - 1997 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment". Applicable to power plants, substations, large buildings, building and other power users. Suitable for ac 50 hz, rated voltage 500 v and below, used as power control and distribution. XL - 21 indoor device, installed against the wall, screen before maintenance. Box has good dustproof, is suitable for chemical plants and dirt.

1 height less than 2000 meters above sea level;
Ambient air temperature is not higher than 2 + 40 ℃, and the average temperature is not higher than within 24 h + 35 ℃, ambient air temperature is not lower than 5 ℃;
3 atmospheric conditions: clean air, relative humidity no more than 50% as the temperature is + 40 ℃, the temperature is lower to allow a higher relative humidity, for example: + 20 ℃ at 90%;
4 there is no fire and explosion danger, serious foul, chemical corrosion and the site of violent vibration;
5 when installation, and the vertical plane tilted less than 5 °;
Temperature under 6 this product is suitable for transportation and storage: 25 ℃ - + 55 ℃. In a short period of time (not more than 24 hours) shall not exceed + 65 ℃;