Shenzhen Rongfu Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is China's only an LED display and distribution equipment and automatic control systems professional production companies. Mainly produces LED display distribution box, PLC intelligent power distribution cabinets, air distribution box, waterproof outdoor distribution cabinets, mobile leasing distribution box, multifunction remote control, electrical automation control system, all products passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and CCC certification. The company (located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, factory production equipment manufactured in Japan with the introduction of flexible automatic assembly line of sheet metal processing systems, busbar imported machine tools, automation metal shell rough surface pre-treatment and spray treatment production line, laser welding machines , other technology, tooling and test equipment with the domestic advanced level. Our products are widely used in electronic engineering, mechanical equipment, lighting, factory and distribution, residential quarters, etc., and exported to Europe and other regions. products safe and reliable operation, by users of praise. company remained committed to high-quality technical services to the "pragmatic, standardized, innovative and efficient" management philosophy, full recognition of customer demand, continued to provide satisfactory service, with full respect for the value of partnerships, maximizing win. promote human communication, participation, empowerment and happy work full face of the future, Greenfield constant pursuit of technological innovation, sophistication, designed to create value for customers and society;. and will strive to create a "business model, management scientific, brand internationalization "of the Chinese company is now well-known companies with many domestic famous universities to establish a technology partnership;., and hired a number of industrial software control system developed by graduate students and engaged in years of research and development of automatic control and electrical engineer.